Purpose of the Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago was founded as both a museum and an educational school; its main purpose is to inspire and educate the public. More than just a house to more than 5000 years of human works of art and expression, The Art Institute of Chicago museum undertakes regular collection, preservation and interpretation of works of art. It also undertakes to continuously add to the digital collection of the library. These undertakings are done to be able to live up to its purpose of inspiring and educating the public. It is also for the purpose of complying within the practices and ethical standard of the museum.

As for the educational institution, the main focus of the Art Institute of Chicago over the years is more than just to reach out to wide range of people in the community by way of education. Over the years, the museum has become more than just a home to invaluable collections and an educational institution to selected individuals. In fact, it has become one of the major teaching institutions that welcome all those who are interested to learn about the arts. This has been made possible because of the volunteers who have given their services to such purpose. Most of these volunteers are women from the Women's Board of The Art Institute of Chicago.

The Art Institute of Chicago is also committed to serving the city and the citizens of Chicago by providing wide range of outreach programs, education programs, free access to the museum and free access to the public spaces of the museum. The outreach and education programs include hosting school groups from the city, mostly from the Chicago public schools, donating to charities and supporting local cultural organizations and other institutions. These are offered by The Art Institute of Chicago to comply with its own objective of inspiring and educating the public.


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